Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office has been crated in aim to better use Intelectual and Technical Potential of Warsaw Medical University and in aim to transfer the R&D results into the Economy, in particular by: 

  • managing of the Intelectual Property Rights (IPR) of the University;
  • organisational and capital support in creating Intelectual goods by employers, studens and doctoral students and their comercialization;
  • conducting informational, training, consulting, service and promotional activities;
  • protecting the Intelectual Properties Rights of the University;
  • creating innovative activities and support of development of academic entrepreneurship.

Technology Transfer Office Objectives:

Office fills the task of  Technology Transfer Office in within the meaning of the Act in the field of direct commercialization of research results, development work or know-how related to these results, in particular through the sale of research results, development work or know-how related to these results and the submission of research results, development works or the know-how associated with these results for use, in particular pursuant to a license agreement, rental or lease, and includes in particular: 

  • supporting the innovative activity of academic employees, university students and doctoral students by combining education with the business;
  • making evaluations and valuations of commercial value conducted in the Research of scientific research and R & D works;
  • maintaining a knowledge base in relation to the rights to inventions and patent applications obtained by the University and administering this resource
  • developing ideas and supporting academic entrepreneurship by providing assistance in the implementation of academic entrepreneurship, including those related to the establishment of its own company and its operation in the initial period of activity;
  • preparation of research results and R & D works for sale and licensing.