Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

The Technology Transfer Office was established for better use of  the Intellectual and Technical Potential in the Medical University of Warsaw and to transfer the results of scientific work to the economy, in particular through:

  • Managing the Intellectual Property of the University;
  • Providing  Organizational and Capital Support of the Creation the Intellectual Property by the University: Employees, Students and Doctoral Students and also providing support in the commercialization of the Intellectual Property;
  • Conducting: informational, trainings, advisory and promotional activities in the field of the Universities Intellectual Property Protection and providing service activities in this area as well,
  • Creating and supporting  innovative activities and supporting the development of Academic Entrepreneurship.

Tasks of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO):
The Office  performs the tasks of a Technology Transfer Office  within the meaning of the Act on Higher Education and Science in the field of direct commercialization of the results of Scientific Research, Development works or Know-How related to those results.
The Technology Transfer Office  performs above mentioned tasks by selling the Results of Scientific Research, Development works or Know-How related to those results. The Office also submits for use the Know-How related to the Results of. Scientific Research and Development Works on the basis of agreements such as: license, rental or lease.

The Technology Transfer Office activities, includes in particular such activities as:

  • Supporting the innovative activity of: Researchers, Students and Doctoral Students of the University by combining science with business;
  • Evaluation and Valuation of the commercial value the Scientific Research and R&D works carried out at the University;
  • Maintaining the Knowledge Base with regard to the Rights to Inventions obtained by the University and Patent Applications and administration of this resources;
  • Developing ideas and supporting Academic Entrepreneurship by providing assistance in the implementation of Academic Entrepreneurship, including those related to setting up their own company and its operation in the initial period of activity;
  • Preparing the results of Scientific Research and R&D works for sale and licensing.

The Technology Transfer Office Supervisory Board composed of:

  1. Chairman – PhD MD Piotr Korczyński,
  2. Deputy Chairman - prof. PhD MD Grzegorz Basak,
  3. Secretary - PhD  Jakub Piwowarski.

was appointed at the Technology Transfer Office for a four-years term by Rector's Ordinance No. 80/2020  dated on May the 6th, 2020.